Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 1

Today was our first day of CD'ing. We got a package in the mail & I was off washing to get things prepped to use. Now we have a frontload washer & I purchased Country Save laundry detergent to wash them in. Both Barker & I were excited! Just like two little kids on Christmas morning. To start us off, I had ordered a couple Thirsties Duo Snap covers & some Bum Genius Stay Dry Doublers along with the Gerber prefolds that my Mom had gotten us. It seems to work pretty well. We are now waiting for a delivery of fluff from Baby Half Off. They had a sell on Dream Eze AIO's & Dream Eze Fitted. They were half off so I couldn't pass that up!
Here are a couple pics of Barker modeling his cloth dipes.

*I have included links so that you can see a picture & read about the products I am using.

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