Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Blueberry Trainers

So I did it, I broke down & splurged some on these awesome Blueberry Trainers.  I always said that I would NEVER pay that much for a pair of trainers, but I did.  :-/  Well, here's what happened.....I had entered a giveaway & won the yellow giraffe pair.  I was so excited when I found out I won!  I have been wanting to try them for some time but couldn't justify the purchase.  When we received it, I was instantly smitten & could definitely see why they cost so much ($15.95/pair).  They are extremly well made & are lined with this yummy velour that is so soft.  I wish I had gutchies this soft!  I also love the fact that sandwiched in between the print & velour is a layer of PUL & a layer of absorbant material.  Now while they don't contain a full pee, they do keep the floor dry if he starts to pee some on his way to the potty.  They come in a variety of prints & three sizes to choose from : small (22-30 lbs), medium (25-35 lbs) & large (32-42 lbs).  I bought all larges since Barker now weighs 35lbs.  I have washed them over a dozen times & they still look new & are as soft as ever on the inside.  My only complaint is that since they do have an absorbant layer, they tend to be a bit bulkier under clothes than our Gerber Trainers.  However, I can deal with this since they do absorb more than our other trainers & have a waterproof outer.  Overall, we love our Blueberry Trainers!!!

 Here's the inside of the trainer.
 Not sure if you can see it or not, but I tried to take a close-up pic to show the velour & stitch marks for the absorbant layer.
 I love the nice wide elastic bands.  They fit him nice & don't leave any red marks.