Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cloth Wipes

I figured that since I had changed to cloth diapers, I may as well switch over to cloth wipes too. It only made sense & will end up saving us a bundle. I had purchased some flannel wipes from Happy Baby Company. I got 15 wipes that are 7x7 for $8.50. After using them & actually liking them a whole lot better than disposable wipes, I got to thinking.....I could make my own! And so I did! I was able to purchase 3 yards of flannel for $7.47 at Joanne Fabrics. They were on sale & Barker & I picked out 3 different patterns & got 1 yard of each. I made mine 8x8 & got 20 wipes per yard. That works out to 12 cents per wipe!!! Another plus is that you get to pick out cute patterns & have fun with it! I didn't have to purchase thread because I have a ton that my Bubba had in her sewing box. I first used pinking shears to cut them in the hopes that I wouldn't have to use the sewing machine. Well, after washing them, I found out that didn't work. I had major frayed edges. So I got them trimmed down (now some of my wipes are 7x7) & used the serge setting at 8 stitches on my sewing machine. Hubby made me feel good because he said that it looked so good that I could do it professionally. :-) Then I wasn't sure what to use for wipe solution. After doing alot of research online & checking into all the different concoctions that cloth diapering Momma's use, I settled on a simple, easy one. I bought a small spray bottle from Walmart for $1.00 & fill it 1/2 way with warm water & add a few drops of baby wash to it & shake it up. Viola! Simple & easy. It was all stuff we had on hand & works very well & leaves Barker's bottom smelling good.

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