Monday, June 7, 2010

Day 4

They're here! They're here! Our Dream Eze diapers arrived today in our mail box. 2 big beautiful bags of fluff! I am so excited & got them washed/dried 3 times to prep them as the manufacturer suggests. Let me tell you, these diapers are sooo soft & look like they will absorb alot. It does state that it will take 6-8 washes & dries to reach the full absorbing capabilities.
I did some research & found that my prefolds & doublers needed to be stripped, possible detergent buildup. I did a hot wash with NO detergent & it was full of suds. I thought that they were rinsed well enough since I had been doing an extra rinse & spin cycle. Apparently not! So from now on, I am going to have to use even less detergent & add more water to my wash & rinse cycles on my washer.
I have also in my research found a great way to fold my prefolds. I found this Youtube video to be most helpful. The fold is the last one on this video & it is called the "newspaper" fold & makes all the difference in helping contain the leaks, especially with a boy.

The Dream Eze AIO's seem to be a little bulky, but we haven't had any leaks in them so far today. I will let you know as time goes by how they are since this is only our first day using them & we haven't reached the 8th washing yet.
Here is Barker modeling the Dream Eze AIO in Mandarin.

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