Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lollidoo Overnight Diaper

After searching for a solution to Barker's heavy wetting throughout the nite, I wanted to share with you all a diaper that I found. We had been using disposables at night & would sometimes go thru two of them each night with lots of leaks. I had tried my other cloth diapers with numerous doublers & liners but had been unsuccessful.....that is until now! I had come across the Lollidoo Overnight diaper & read how all these heavy wetters were waking up to dry mornings. Well, I had to get us one & see if we could have a dry morning. It was a little pricey at $38 (overnight diaper + 2 Innies w/free shipping), but I feel worth it. Hello dry mornings!!! :-) These diapers are made from all recycled materials & made in the good ol' USA. They also offer a regular daytime pocket diaper. Check out their website above for more info.
They came packaged up so cute!

We used this diaper last night with great success. Even tho the Innies were soaked, the outside remained dry as well as Barker's skin inside the diaper. I chose the Stay Dry liner (you can choose between Stay Dry or Organic Cotton) & it really does work! It is very easy to stuff & the pocket is a generous size. I also like the fact that they let you adjust the leg elastic to your child's specific needs. I give this diaper an A+ for staying dry & containing leaks & a B- for the slight bulkiness it had with the 2 Innies that we used.

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