Thursday, January 13, 2011


I just wanted to give a warm welcome to all my followers (both new & old). Thanks so much for following my blog! I have been trying out alot of stuff lately & will have some good posts coming soon. Sorry for the lack in between posts. We are a one income family & depending on what it is, it sometimes takes us a little bit to save for it & then I like to use something for a month or two before I give my two cents about it. :-) So please bear with me. I will be posting my thoughts on GoGreen Pocket Diapers, Menstrual Cups (Meluna & Lady Cup), Family Cloth, Mini-Shower Diaper Sprayer, Clean B detergent, cloth wipes solution (my "new" version) & making your own "green" cleaners in the very near future. Hope you all have a wonderful day!!!

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