Friday, January 7, 2011

WAHMies DSQ Pail Liner

When we first started cloth diapering over 7 months ago, I'll be honest, I was completely clueless & lost in the cyber world of cloth diapers & all their terminology. I spent HOURS scouring THOUSANDS of websites absorbing in all the information like a fresh new sponge. I had purchased a Planet Wise pail liner in Butter. We do have a Planet Wise wet/dry bag that we use when we go out & about. It works fabulous! Well, a few months later, I broke down, spent the couple extra $$'s & bought not 1 but 2 (they were on sale w/ free shipping!) of the WAHMies DSQ (that's diaper service quality ;-) ) Pail Liners. I had been eyeing them up for some time. I have to admit, it was the Monkey Babies print that initially caught my attention. They have come to replace the Planet Wise pail liner who now sits all by itself in the bathroom closet & are by far my favorite! I have noticed that they are made from alot thicker material than the Planet Wise & seem to be deeper & roomier too.
The two features that I adore are : 1) that little piece of elastic there on the right hand side is ingenious! You wrap it around the mouth of the bag to either keep little hands out or in ease of transporting on laundry day. It has really come in handy on those days I had to treck my dipes down to our local laundromat.
2) see that swatch of fabric on the inside right? To keep your pail smelling fresh, you can put a few drops of your favorite essential oil on it. I like to use either Tea Tree or Lavendar oil, but you can use whatever scent you want.
See what I mean about the cute monkey print?
I bought a regular step-open 13 gallon trash bin from Walmart for $12.00. I did find that when I kept the lid closed, it tended to smell more & there was noticeable condensation on the inside of the can. I usually wash every 2-3 days. I also read that by keeping the lid closed, your diapers become more susceptiable to becoming moldy. I don't know about you, but I paid too much $$ to let those dipes get ruined! So I started leaving the lid up (except when company is over) & both issues were resolved immediately. Funny thing is that you can't even smell the dirty dipes when it's open! I don't know if it has anything to do with the fact that I rinse each diaper out prior to placing them in the can?
Did I say that I LOVE this pail liner???? Because I do!!!


Mommy Is Green said...

The monkey print is so cute! I've been curious about this pail liner too because I like that you can add essential oils. :)

Green Grandma said...

Just wanted to mention that you want to keep lavender oil away from any pregnant moms, as lavender can cause miscarriage.