Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunning & Drying

How do you sun & dry your cloth diapers throughout the year?
I remember the first time that I read an article about the sun's natural bleaching power & the claims these people made. I honestly thought that it was a crock of bull. Well, I can tell you first hand that those people were telling the truth! It never ceases to amaze me that each & every time I hang a freshly washed, stained dipee in the sun, the stain is gone by the time it's dry.
During the summer months, hanging my diapers out to dry/sun was easy as pie.

The winter months however required me to get a little more creative. I wasn't sure if it was going to work the first time I tried it & I'm pretty sure that our neighbors thought I had completely gone bonkers, but the stains were driving me nuts!!! So after washing them, I hung them out to sun/dry. It took longer than usual for them to dry, but that was ok. It was also sunnier out than it appears in the photo. When I went out to bring them in, the stains were gone & they were dry......cold & stiff, but dry. I couldn't believe it!
I also use our radiators to dry clothes (including dipes) in the winter months. Why not? I figure that they are running anyways to heat our house so I might as well utilize them.
I have also come up with another way to sun/dry my diapers during the winter without having to go outside. I hang them from our blinds in the windows that the sun is shining on. It has worked so far to lighten any stains we have had. I got this idea after reading an article about placing your diapers on your cars dash to sun them in the winter & I figured what the heck, I'll try hanging them in the windows......and guess what? It worked!
*My sweet Barker wanted to be in the picture with his diapees. He LOVES having his picture taken & jumps at the chance.
So how creative have you been when it comes to sunning & drying during the winter months? I'd love to hear! :-)

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Caty said...

I totally love that you hung your diapers out to dry in the middle of winter! Glad I'm not the only one that's "bonkers" ;-)

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