Sunday, March 6, 2011


I ran across this diaper from mac-a-doodle & just had to have it. I instantly fell in love with the print. What a gorgeous diaper! It arrived very quickly & words cannot describe the softness of this diaper, even after a dozen of washes. It is made from minkee & cotton/poly velour with a hidden layer of PUL. Absolutely yummy & lucious! The only problem I had with this diaper was it's tendency to leak. In defense of the diaper, Barker is known to be a super duper heavy wetter. I think that on a smaller baby(with less output), it would work perfectly. Even though it is a One~Size AI2, I used a cover with it to keep the leaks at bay. Lots of rise adjustments. Instead of the usual 3, there are 4. This is the most I have seen on a diaper.
It also has cross-over snaps to get a nice fit for a small waist.
Oh the velvety softness!
The super soft snap-in soaker.
What a gorgeous print!
It fit Barker really well. He is 32lbs in this photo & still had a few more snaps to go on each side.
Trim fitting, not alot of bulk.
A very nice & comfy fit.
Here are a couple pics to show you the measurements on the largest setting......
.....and on the smallest setting.
As you can see from the measurements, this is definitely a diaper that can work from birth to potty training.


Erin said...

Great post! What a cute diaper!

The Trophy Wife said...

Such a cute diaper!! How did you find them? I've never heard of Mac-a-doodle. I'm a new follower! Thank you for following OTTW!

PA LaPresti's said...

Welcome to my blog! I ran across her on Facebook. She has an Etsy shop & does fantastic work. I saw that she is currently in the process of testing out her new pocket style diaper. I can't wait to see it when it comes out.